Meet The Team




ROLE - My role is to run recording sessions with producers and artists, working closely with them to bring their desired sound to life. Following this I can take your tracks to the next level, mixing and mastering them to a professional standard. Whatever you have in mind I can bring it out. 

ABOUT ME - I’m a qualified sound engineer and producer, I graduated last year from spirit studios with a first class honours degree in production and sound engineering. I have an extensive knowledge of sound processing, effects and sound design ready to go, which I have acquired over my 9 years working in music. Most of my experience comes from mixing artists in genres such as rap, trap, R&B, soul and jazz. I love to share my knowledge with creatives looking to elevate themselves.

Kay Dimes

ROLE - My role is to guide artists and musicians, suggest changes to lyrics or instrumental, direct the approach to how the sound should be recorded and keep everyone motivated and focused.

ABOUT ME - I love producing for others alongside my own music. I predominantly produce trap, alternative rock and dark R&B but I can work with any genre. My passion for films especially horror movies is the biggest influence on my sound. For the past 4 years,  I have been producing for local artists in our community. Horrorscore has helped me find the perfect platform to hone my skills, explore new avenues and connect with like minded creatives.


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ROLE - I am in charge of bringing the Horrorscore vision to life, from our aesthetic, branding, studio design, advertising to promotional campaigns.

ABOUT ME - I have always loved to create. I enjoy making all kinds of content such as cover art, posters, clothing, digital art, videos and I also stream on Twitch.


Within Horrorscore, I handle all branding, interior design, web design, advertising, promos and cover art for artists new releases. 



ROLE - I document the Horrorscore journey through vlogs and bitesize social media content. I also film and direct music videos for artists as well as photoshoots, promotional campaigns and advertisements.

ABOUT ME - I am a videographer/photographer and my ambition is to become a Hollywood director which is what drew me towards Horrorscore as we share the same love for films. 

A few years ago, I started MOCAP40 as a way to get all of my creative ideas from films, clothing, events and more out there. I came up with MOCAP40 with the aim to create a space with no limitations for creative exploration. Right now I am working on building a skate team, I have a short film coming up and I am also planning an event for later this year.