Our Equipment

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Shure SM7B Mic

The Shure SM7B reigns as king of studio recording for good reason: vocal recording and reproduction is clear and crisp, especially when recording in a controlled environment with the flat frequency response selected. 

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Yamaha HS8 Studio Monitors

The HS8 Studio Monitor provides an extended frequency response for optimal audio fidelity, capturing every nuance from your source audio. The high-definition audio is ideal for mixing and mastering applications, recreating your sound in extreme detail. The flat response stays true to the original sound, allowing you to achieve the best possible mix.

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 Tone Beast Pre Amp

The Tone Beast is a great mic pre with loads of gain that can effortlessly capture an array of sources very well.  With top notch CineMag transformers and multiple discrete signal paths, it’s hard to beat its big, bold, fully-professional sound.

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Tascam US-16x08 Interface

The TASCAM US-16x08 provides a versatile 16-in, 8-out USB 2.0 audio interface with onboard DSP and up to 24-bit/96kHz resolution. With 8 Ultra-HDDA microphone preamps, it delivers a clean and quite operation with up to 56dB of gain. The DSP provides a 4-band equalizer and compression in each input channel for smoother tracking. 

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Klark Teknik EQP-KT

EQP-KT provides the kind of tone-sculpting flexibility that you simply won’t find on the average equaliser, such as the ability to boost and cut specific frequency content simultaneously. Both the LF Boost/Cut and HF Boost controls provide 7 frequency selections, along with a variable broad-bandwidth midrange control. Finally, EQP-KT’s HF Cut control lets you dial in the perfect amount of “air” to add a touch of finesse to your top-end content.