What is Horrorscore?

Our Story

Horrorscore is a space for creatives to come together and build a community where they can collaborate and grow with eachother.


It all started in 2015 when founders Trashhwave and Kay Dimes came up with the idea of creating an immersive experience for artists in our community. After 3 years of preparation, we were able to welcome our first creatives into our studio in Manchester, with many of them still regulars to this day. We are now working on becoming a hive made up of all types of creatives such as artists, producers, videographers and designers to work together and create high quality content. 

Our Mission

When we founded Horrorscore in 2018, our aim was to create a place where your sound matters, we wanted to provide more than just a studio where artists record their songs, we wanted to provide a space where all types of creatives can become a part of a community, build relationships with other creatives and grow together, a place where all creatives feel like they have all of the support they need to thrive. We know how difficult it can be for upcoming artists to receive the right guidance on their journey to success which is why we favour a more personalised approach to the collaborative effort of music production. 

Our Values

AUTHENTICITY - Every decision we make is in line with our brand mission and values. We have the utmost confidence in what we bring to the table. We aim to be as honest and transparent as possible.


DEDICATION -  We put the hours in. We love to work with like minded people. We believe in good work ethic and never settle for less. Trust the process and get the work done.

TEAMWORK -  Music is a collaborative process. We work together and support each other. We know we can’t achieve the best results alone.

AMBITION - Our love for music is what drives us everyday. We have goals and ambitions that are still far beyond us at the moment.


COMMUNITY -  We want everybody to win. If you win, we win and vice versa. Helping each other reach our goals is our priority.

Why Do We Do It?

SOUND TO INDUSTRY STANDARD - Our main priority is providing our community with the tools and services required to reach a professional sound. Giving upcoming artists access to industry standard equipment and guidance.

WE WANT TO GROW WITH YOU - We know how difficult it is to make it in the music industry these days. Your talent can only take you so far without the right guidance and dedication. Every session includes a producer and an engineer to help you with your creation.

BRING OUR COMMUNITY TOGETHER - We want to build a hub for creatives to join forces and help each other grow, a network to elevate our community and take it's sound to the next level.